Alcatraz Prisoner #1259AZ, aka William Baker on ‘the Rock’

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

William Baker, Age 23, Arrives At USP-Alcatraz in 1956

Bill Baker, first ‘visited’ Alcatraz Island sixty years ago, in 1957, at the tender age of just twenty-three. He would spend three and one-half long years doing ‘hard-time’ in America’s first ‘Super-Maximum Security’ prison.

Then considered one of this country’s most notorious criminals – simply by virtue of his imprisonment on ‘the Rock’ – the young Bill Baker was well aware of the danger that he might face here.

Many high-profile criminals were doing long sentences or ‘Life’ here

mi-Now atust released from USP-Leavenworth in 2011, has written and published ‘Alcatraz 1259’ – an entertaining first person account of the tumultuous path which led him to America’s most notorious prison.

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