F O R T   A L C A T R A Z

  Civil War Era - US Army Military Fortification

                     1850's - 1907

    15" Rodman Cannon

San Francisco @ Upper Right


In late 1848, everything changed for the new state


of California, and especially for the young


settlement of San Francisco - when GOLD was


discovered in the foothills of the state's prominent


Sierra mountain range - just 300 miles east of


the Golden Gate.



And a  result of the discovery , news traveled



quickly around the world - via the new technology of



telegraph - and tens-of-thousands



of fortune seeking adventurers, from all



points of the compass, boarded ships bound for  the west-



coast of the 'New World'  - to start a new life.




The population of San Francisco exploded from an


estimated 7,000 men, women, and children - in that fateful



November of 1848 - to an over-whelming 30,000 just two



years later!



Fortunately, for the residents of the west



coast's  newest  city, and- it's most strategic 



harbor-SanFrancisco Bay-plans



were already underway-by the



U.S.Government to construct



defensive forifications


around the harbor,intended to



protect the isolated port from any



sea-faring invaders.     


(to be continued. . .)