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Alcatraz Lifers! About us...

Hello, my name is Ian Craig, but some call me 'Alcatrazian'-  and I have spent a lot of time on 'the Rock'. I love the place! So, my team and I have created this ever-evolving site to provide a valuable resource for those interested in all things Alcatraz, a.k.a. 'The Rock'.

Were excited to share a vast amount of new new content from a wide variety of resources: 

 - extensive archival historic images

 - voluminous photo library of Alcatraz today  - over 15 exclusive video interviews with former      Alcatraz former convicts!


We will be gradually 'rolling out' these priceless video interviews with former prisoners from all four decades of USP-Alcatraz history. Start meeting the 'survivors' by spending time with 'Bad Boy' Bill Baker, #1259AZ here on our site. 


We will also be sharing video interviews with former prison guards and their children who grew up on 'the Rock'. And a few surprises also.






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