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 Hello, my name is Ian Craig, but some call me 'Alcatrazian'-  and I have spent a lot of time on 'the Rock'. I love the place! So, my team and I have created this ever-evolving site to provide a valuable resource for those interested in all things Alcatraz, a.k.a. 'The Rock'.

Were excited to share a vast amount of new new content from a wide variety of resources: 

 - extensive archival historic images

 - voluminous photo library of Alcatraz today  - over 15 exclusive video interviews with former      Alcatraz former convicts!


We will be gradually 'rolling out' these priceless video interviews with former prisoners from all four decades of USP-Alcatraz history. Start meeting the 'survivors' by spending time with 'Bad Boy' Bill Baker, #1259AZ here on our site. 


We will also be sharing video interviews with former prison guards and their children who grew up on 'the Rock'. And a few surprises also.






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 'Welcome to 'the Rock'! I'm Ian Craig, publisher, National Park Service Certified Program Guide, Alcatraz Historian, and Media Producer. And, welcome to our newly revamped, and ever-evolving, destination web portal. Alcatraz Island is currently re-opened on a limited basis, and tours are limited to outside areas. No entry to Prison Building, Shops, etc. So, we've endeavored to create Virtual Tours for you to explore this historical island, to assist in planning a visit, and to share the unique opportunity to meet, through our vast video interview collection - 14 former prisoners, former guards, prison minister, and family members who grew up on the island! Stay Tuned!


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