Visitor Info/Travel Tips:

If you are visiting - plan your life-expanding visit well in advance - as this popular U.S. National Park Site sells out year-round !


Availability Info / Purchase Tickets:

#1: DRESS comfortably - Layers are always advisable! Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring sunscreen, sun-hat, drinking-water, & snacks - NO food available on Alcatraz Island ... snacks & drinks offered on transport vessel.


#2: ARRIVE 30 minutes prior to boarding time at Pier 33/ Alcatraz Landing - Embarcadero St., S.F. 

#3: SEARCH - via on-line mapping - for paid parking options within a two block radius of Pier 33. Do NOT park within 1/2 block of Pier 33 - you will  pay twice the rate of neighboring parking facilities. Suggested Rate: $18 - $20


#4: When available: stay on 1st level of transport vessel to Alcatraz Island, standing area on bow best view, excursion  only 12 - 15 minute to island.


#5: Upon arrival @ Alcatraz Island: Listen to Official Welcome by National Park Ranger , (2-3 minutes), check daily Special Program schedule for Interpretive FREE walking and other tours. JOIN these if you can! 

#6: EXPLORE available island trails, - 'Agave Trail', West Road, and New Industries Access Road (East Side)

#7: PLAN on spending at least 2 - 3 hours to get the most      out of your visit - do the cell-house tour, and then EXPLORE!